Dating vintage white machines

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The jean today is, although a different piece of garment entirely to the nineteenth-century waist overall, still referred to by its Lot number: We invite you to take a walk down memory lane of the history of the , from its inception through every major variation, all the way to its current form today. It all starts with The Two Horse brand patch. The Two Horse brand patch was implemented in , sixteen years after Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis patented the copper-riveted waist overall. Old leather patch from a pair of XX. Redline selvedge on a pair of vintage s.

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Classic European Motorcycles | Sheldon's EMU

The Progressive Era — was a period of widespread social activism and political reform across the United States of America that spanned the s to the s. The main objectives of the Progressive movement were addressing problems caused by industrialization , urbanization , immigration , and political corruption. Social reformers were primarily middle-class citizens who targeted political machines and their bosses. By taking down these corrupt representatives in office, a further means of direct democracy would be established. They also sought regulation of monopolies trustbusting and corporations through antitrust laws , which were seen as a way to promote equal competition for the advantage of legitimate competitors.

How to Date Your Singer Sewing Machines

Practically everyone these days owns a crossover or an SUV —that doesn't necessarily make them uncool, just very common. Want to stand out from the crowd? Go for an off-roader that won't leave you stuck in the mud. These are from a time when most Americans were driving cars, not trucks and SUVs. These vintage off-roaders hail from eras when something tall and wagon shaped was expected to have actual four-wheel-drive capability, not merely an adventurous image.
The treadle sewing machine has a long history. In fact, the treadle sewing machine goes back almost to the beginning of the technology, and its history is the history of the sewing machine itself. A treadle sewing machine is one that is powered mechanically by a foot pedal that is pushed back and forth by the operator's foot. Today, these antiques--found in auction houses, at antique dealers , even in junk stores and garage sales--stand as reminders of America's industrial know-how and might.

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