The london hammer carbon dating

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He's heard all the Doctor Who jokes, but not many about Randall and Hopkirk. Weird Artefacts Here's some more science for you. There are actually a significant number of artefacts, found through archaeological digs or otherwise, that nobody can explain the origins of. The sort of dusty leftovers from old civilisations that usually crop up at such occasions, except experts can't pin point where they actually came from.

The London Hammer:

The London Hammer: An Alleged Out of Place Artifact

Until now, I have assiduously avoided Ancient Aliens. I had a feeling that if I watched the show—which popularizes far-fetched, evidence-free idiocy about how human history has been molded by extra-terrestrial visitors—my brain would jostle its way out of my skull and stalk the earth in search of a kinder host. Or, at the very least, watching the show would kill about as many brain cells as a weekend bender in Las Vegas. I steeled myself for the pain and watched the mind-melting madness unfold.

10 Most Compelling Pieces Of Evidence That Prove Alternate Realities Are Real

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An out-of-place artifact or OOPart [note 1] is a name given by creationists and woo -pushing fringe scientists for historical and archeological artifacts they feel could not have been created by a particular culture due to a lack of knowledge or materials. Creationists often argue that such "anomalies" show that mainstream scientific chronologies and models of human evolution are all wrong, and all this mysterious stuff is proof that Noah really built that Ark. Ancient astronaut fans maintain it's ironclad evidence of alien visitors' influence on mankind. Pseudoarcheologists are convinced it's proof that advanced civilizations existed during the Pleistocene Ice Age.

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